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The ones who pave their own traditions,
the perpetually wandering,
and who face the tallest mountains together.
This one is for you.
— mckenzie bigliazzi xoxo
Working with McKenzie was great from the very beginning of the process! It was awesome to have a photographer that made the wedding planning enjoyable and completely stress free. McKenzie made us feel confident and excited about our vision and unique ideas for our wedding.
— meredith + ben 2018

hi, i'm mckenzie

i watch Dirty Dancing like it’s a new release,

wear bell bottoms like it’s no ones business,

and enjoys long walks down the ice cream aisle.




Featured In

Something that I noticed when I was first searching through her photos is that McKenzie photographs her friends and family pretty often. Yet, when I was scrolling through her pictures, I noticed that I couldn’t distinguish between her friends and her clients.
— Allison + Tim

Central IL ↠ Colorado 2020

Based in Central Illinois but preparing for the final move to Colorado July, 2020.

Always available for travel worldwide.