What's in my Camera bag?

So if you sat through my live video on Instagram, you’re a real trooper. I hate being on camera! I took everyone through my camera bag. I explained why and when I used certain equipment. I also reassured everyone that name brand isn’t everything. I am a minimalist and I pride myself on creating images with the least amount of equipment possible. Here are the link to those items I went over!


These were the mind blowing items that so many viewers flipped their shit over. MagMod accessories for your flash. These amazing things are made of silicone and work with a strong magnet system. They’re on the pricier side but 100% pay for themselves.


Light Prism

My beloved prism - you call know I’m so obsessed with using this baby. This thing really transforms images and the way you see light! This works best holding it right up to your camera lens and twisting it. Spring lights and reception lighting is so so so fun with this.


Neewer Speed Lights

These flashes are relatively cheap. I’ve stuck with Neewer for a few years now and they’ve never let me down. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on Flashes because I’m not super careful with them. They find themselves at incredible heights and unstable ledges. If one were to fall (which they have like a dozen times), I won’t have to watch my soul leave my body as it hits the ground. When searching for flashes, make sure they’re compatible with your operating system.


Camera Harness

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT GOOGLE SEARCH LEATHER HARNESS. IT WILL NOT BE PRETTY. With that being said, I couldn’t find the exact person selling the harness I showed on the video, but I found this one with raving reviews! This will save your back. This is the price savvy harness, but if you’re interested in the camera harness I ordered click here. The harness totally changed my life and reduced my back pain. Also allowed me to have different lenses hooked up at the drop of a hat.


LowePro Rolling Case

Shout out to my Aunt Steph because this case is the SHIT. It has also saved my back. It’s TSA approved and a friggin’ life saver at the airport. The sections inside are totally customizable and you can also lock up the zipper for security. I keep all of my equipment in it.


House of Flynn Bag

If you’ve never heard of House of Flynn, you’re welcome. I showed off my super cute matte black side bag that I take to smaller sessions like Engagements. These bags also have compartments that are customizable. They’re super high quality and the House of Flynn Company has amazing customer service. They’re a bit pricey but super worth it.


Yongnuo Transmitters

These were the very first transmitters I purchased when I was trying to understand OCF. They’re super simple to use and I highly recommend them for beginners. If you are reading this and are signed up to come to cultivate - invest in these! They’re amazing and totally cheap. Much like the flashes, make sure they’re compatible with your operating system.

So there you have it, the equipment that really changed my work, my workflow, and honestly my life. I swear by these products and will be adding to this blog as I find other items that do the same.