Day Before Your Wedding: 10 Things to Remember


The day before your wedding, such an exciting day. How do you even sleep!? Seriously!! There are so many myths as to what to do on this day. Don’t talk to your fiance, go out and celebrate, stay in and relax, stay with your friends, stay by yourself… so many options. So let’s break it down.

getting ready in a hotel room
  1. Be Together

“WHHHHHHHATTTTTT!? Isn’t that bad luck!?” No, don’t let Aunt Karen get in your head. When you live together, it’s extra weird to spend the night a part, right? Then don’t. There’s not a book of wedding laws that says that you have to stay the night a part from each other. Nerves build up so easily before your wedding, there’s no reason to add to this.

2. Turn Your Phone Off

Yep, when you go to bed, turn that f*cker off. You don’t need to know that Sophie from 5th grade is in love in again or see anymore photos of her kid (no matter how cute they are). You’re getting married in the morning and none of that shit matters. Taking the time to unplug will help you focus on the present moment, not to mention, get a good nights sleep.

3. Do not Try Anything New

This includes any new foods or beauty routines. Do not try that questionable sushi at lunch. You don’t want to risk a bad reaction the night before your wedding. It’s not worth it. Stick to what you know.

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4. Arrange a “Morning-After” Person

This person is anyone you trust to gather the gifts and do a final sweep of the venue. This person will collects odds and ends and ensure you’re all squared away the next day. Creating a checklist for this person organizes the process.

5. Stay with your Calm Friend

If you choose to spend the night apart from bae, spend it with someone who is calming. Whether that be your childhood best friend or a cousin - make sure they’re there to calm and relax you for the next day. Don’t stay with that friend that pressures you into going out. You know, we alllll have one.

6. Treat Yourself

Whether that means going out for ice cream or getting a much needed mani or pedi - treat yourself. Watch a movie that makes you laugh or listen to your favorite album on high.

7. Double Check Payments

Check to make sure all your vendors are paid up! This ensures that you have nothing to think about the day of. Have those babies paid off and ready to PARTY!

dog wedding photos
dog wedding photos

8. Do Nothing Wedding Related

You’re probably laughing at me right now - but seriously. Don’t try to finish decor, arrange your seating chart, or put together guests gifts. Everything that is done, is done. Don’t stress yourself out by putting finishing touches on anything.

9. Pack a Bag

Pack a bag for the night of your wedding. This bag can also be given to your “go-to” person to make sure it is in the bridal suite where you need it.

10. Write a Love Note to Bae

Can’t stop thinking about that hottie you’re going to promise forever to the next day? Write them a love note. This doesn’t have to be anything formal that they need to read on your wedding day, you can give it to them whenever you’d like. This is an awesome way to record the way your feeling the night before your wedding and a fun thing to look back on!

love note