5 Tips No One Tells You After Getting Engaged

Okay, so you’re engaged. Now what?

Welllll Aunt Karen wants to know when the big day is, the girl that sat next to you in science class sophomore year wants to know if you need decor because she knows a girl, and your best friend is already writing their speech. Sound familiar? I reached out to the brides in my exclusive brides group on Facebook, and they provided some pretty great advice NO ONE ELSE WILL TELL YOU. Buckle up buttercup, here we go!


5. “Don't get too caught up in all the wedding planning. At the end of the day, you are marrying your best friend. The day will be awesome regardless.” - Taylor M.

Want to elope? Friggin’ do it. Want to throw a huge wedding with navy blue chairs but your mom doesn’t like them? THROW THAT HUGE WEDDING WITH NAVY BLUE CHAIRS. After your day is said and done, you will be married to your best friend and nothing can ruin that. Always remember the bigger picture while planning, whether or not your have personalized napkins will not be something you remember the most 50 years from now.

4. “Take the time to tell your family.” - Marisa M.

Whether or not you are eloping or throwing a huge banger, your family will appreciate you personally telling them that you’re engaged. No one likes to learn things from the internet. This is an exciting time for you, but your family is stoked. They’ve seen your relationship blossom and grow - making that personal phone call or dinner date to tell them about the next chapter will mean more than you know.


3. “Before spending any money, determine your priorities.” - Sarah L.

Make a list of what is most important to you regarding financials. Venue + Photographer will take the majority of your budget, booking those two aspects should be #1 and #2 on your list. The Venue + Photographer also book the farthest out - up to a year or more. If you have your heart set on somewhere or someone, you will need to address this immediately. These priorities will help guide your spending process as well as keep you organized. $2600 personalized cupcakes with gold leaf or a bomb ass photographer that will provide you with photographs that will last for the rest of your life?


2. “Write down how your proposal went, all the details as vividly as possible.” - Delaney C.

This is just for your eyes and no one else's. For the next two months, every conversation you have will include the proposal story. Every time you tell that story you may forget tiny details, you may even start to make the story more concise forgetting those tiny details. After those two months go by, people don't ask but your memory can get a little hazy. Go back and read the proposal again every so often. Remember what’s important.


1. “Celebrate! Don’t jump right into planning, enjoying being engaged for a minute.”  - Kayla G.

Take time to be in the moment. By moment I mean, even take a few days to keep the news to yourself. Don’t worry about who you will tell first and who needs to know right away. You just got engaged to your best effing friend in the whole universe - soak it alllll up. After all, this is a moment that only happens once.