How To Be the Best Wedding Guest Ever

Your friends are throwing a damn good party and you’re invited.

You now have a job of being a good wedding guest. Yes, this is a real thing. Your friends have spent an incredible amount of time and money planning their wedding, all it takes is one bad guest to ruin it. There are unspoken rules to being a wedding guest. Some are common sense…. but some sense isn’t so common. Here are some tips to being the best wedding guest ever.



It takes 5 seconds to let someone know you’ll be at their wedding where they will be giving you a free meal and a damn good time. We know you’d rather be doing anything else than RSVP-ing. Your friend’s planning comes to a tiny halt because they need a head count. If you don’t RSVP and still show up, you’re an ass and you should come with a sandwich and a folding chair.


Don’t Wear White

Do I need to explain this one? Don’t be that person.


You Aren’t the Photographer

Gasp - I know this is a crazy thought. But you aren’t the photographer so be respectful of times you choose to take video or photo. Your friends spent thousands on a professional photographer to be there, don’t ruin these photos with your phone. There’s a time a place for photos, and it’s not when you see your friend walking down the aisle for the first time sis. I guarantee that. As a photographer myself, I take photos of the people taking photos inappropriately and include them in the final wedding gallery for the couple to see. Not sorry.

…. unless you’re as cute as this photographer, I’ll make an exception.


Be On Time

Take it from me, I am late to everything EXCEPT for weddings. Anything else, I take my sweet time. The tackiest thing you can do is show up late to the ceremony. Every will turn and look at you as you come in the doors or take your seat.


Be Positive

Your friends have spent so much energy planning their wedding - they want everything to be perfect. The biggest fears of a wedding day are revolved around how the day will pan out according to the plan. Your negative comments can be kept to yourself, because unless you planned their entire wedding with them you don’t know how much trouble they went through.


Send a Gift

Check the couple’s registry and get them something they NEED. Don’t get them a gift that doesn’t make sense. The registry is made for a reason, not to be ignored.