A Guide to Garden of the Gods Colorado Elopement or Intimate Wedding

Whether you’re from Colorado or traveling far and wide to experience the amazing Garden of the Gods, these tips will come in handy when planning your Garden of the Gods Colorado intimate wedding or elopement.


Let’s Chat Permits and Permissions

The Garden of the Gods is a RARE location that does not ask for permits for the usage of their park. Weddings at the Garden of the Gods are allowed provided they are small, brief ceremonies. Commercial Photography/Film is permitted but always make sure to call the park at (719) 385-5940 to make arrangements for any permits or fees needed.


General Rules

Like any national park, there are rules that we need to abide by and follow for our safety and others as well.

  1. Always stay on the path. There are cacti and wild life you don’t want to disturb. There are grassy areas to use that are not roped off, but be weary of them. When in doubt, ask a Park Ranger.

  2. Be respectful of others. There are always lots and lots of visitors at the park - you may need to work around hikers, climbers, and tourists.

  3. Do not block off areas of the park. Since the park doesn’t require a permit, you are not allowed to block parts of the park for your ceremony.


Navigating the Park

Most of the park is made up of a one lane road. This means, you are at mercy of the speed of the person before you. When planning your trip, allot enough time to be in these situations. Some cars even stop to get photos. There are pull off points but not everywhere. Allowing yourself time to be in these situations will be beneficial to your timeline there.

Parking is available at different points of the park but parking is limited, especially by the rocks themselves. Be prepared to park and walk to some points. Some places you can loop around again and find a parking spot available. Scots Picnic Area has an entire parking lot while Balanced Rock and Cathedral Spires have limited parking spots.


Get the Most of the Light

Planning what time of day to go is tricky. There are perks to the morning, there are also perks to the evening. Just depends on what type of photographs you want. The images you see here were taken in August around Sunset-Dusk. Garden of the Gods hours are 5am-10pm.

Morning time: The morning time is awesome because the last of tourist that are there that early. You pretty much have the park to yourself. Sunrise at the Garden of the Gods is so dreamy and beautiful.

Mid-day: Garden of the Gods offers a lot of shady areas safe the that harsh light, but you will have less to work with because most of the park will be covered in that harsh sunlight. This is also peak hours for the park, as most people are there to hike and explore.

Evening: This is my preferred time to go to the Garden of the Gods. The sunset is so beautiful and the colors that it casts are so amazing. In the evening, you do deal with tourists and visitors. But again, just allot enough time to deal with it! Sometimes you might have to wait until kids stop climbing on rocks behind you to get the photo, but that’s okay as long as you allotted enough time.