5 Steps Before Choosing a Wedding Photographer

When searching for a wedding photographer, talent is only a small part to consider. The truth is, you can search “Photographers in my Area” and you’re going to find A LOT of amazing talent. There are so many talented individuals out here, how will you narrow it down? Don’t worry, I got you.

  1. Love their work

    This seems obvious but after getting a handful of emails from couples saying something like “I am checking with you and few other photographers about photography coverage,” it seems like a fight for best deal out there - which is NOT the way to shop for a photography. Make sure you absolutely love their work - everything. Check their websites for full wedding galleries and make sure you love their work from the start of the day to the end, not just the pretty stuff they choose to share on their Instagram.

  2. Stalk the Shit Out of Them

    Just don’t show up at their house, that would be weird. Socially stalk them. Find their Facebook Pages, Instagrams, Pinterests, Websites, etc. Personally, I put a lot of myself out there using Instagram Stories. This is a great way for you get to know them as people - not just wedding photographers. Liking your photographers personality 1000% makes a difference in your experience. You have to work with this person for a year or more in advance, then work with them for one of the most important days of your life. Make sure you like them personally before moving forward.

  3. Determine What is Important

    Before moving forward, you need to decide what is more important to you when it comes to budget. Budget is a HUGE DEAL when booking vendors and can narrow things down pretty quickly. Determine what is a priority to you two. Upgrading to those gold chairs or investing in tangible memories you’ll have forever. Kick-ass DJ that keeps the party going or an amazing venue you’ve been eyeing since you two got engaged? This is CRUCIAL to moving forward. Most photographers have their pricing, or at least starting points, of their services readily available on their site. This makes it easy for you to weed out who you can afford OR adjust your budget to afford that amazing photog. For one second, pretend I’m not a wedding photographer - what is the one thing you will have when the day is over? Dying flowers, rental receipts, a new wedding band, and PHOTOS. I’ll just leave you with that……

  4. Reach Out to Prior Clients

    Check their website for reviews, you will want to hear honest feedback from others. If you find their Instagram or Facebook, chances are that they have tagged their cutie couples in their photographs. Shoot a message their way asking about their experience as well. I know any of my past wedding couples would be happy to respond to any messages they receive asking about me. While you’re busy stalking the shit out of your potential photog, pay attention to the way they interact in comments. Can you tell their actual clients from their friends? Are they robotic? Are they providing more of a response than just “Thanks, please share”? PRO-TIP - This can actually tell you a lot about their personality too.

  5. Contact

    This is the moment you’ve been waiting for reaching out to your photog soul mate. Head to their website and find their contact page. This is the #1 best way to contact any vendor. Personally, I load my contact form with a mess of questions so we can by-pass the questions I will already have to start with. When contacting your photographer, let them know everything including your date, venue, and your story! Be 100% honest and straight up. They want to invest in you, the same way you’re completely investing in them.

Have a tip that I didn’t cover here? Comment below and help other brides outttttt.