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The Cultivate Experience

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Cultivate: to foster the growth of; to improve by labor, care, or study; to seek the society of make friends with.

The Cultivate Experience is an affordable education program for the progressive photographer. If you’re here, you want to grow. You don’t want the industry passing you by. If you’re here, you’re here because you’re sick of industry professionals leading you in the wrong direction. You’re here because the traditional institution doesn’t fit your needs or maybe it’s just too damn expensive.

College isn’t for everyone. Everyone has a right to learn, not just the elite.

I am not a know-it-all. I don’t hold all the answers to photography. I don’t have 100K following on Instagram.

BUT I do have consistent bookings. I am constantly receiving emails from couples saying that I stood out because I am creating images that they’ve never seen before. I am receiving emails saying they’ve been following my Instagram since before they were engaged, now here they are booking me for their wedding.

Let’s be honest, everyone is an educator now. Having my master’s in education, I understand the different learning types. I understand how to break ideas down and create a safe space for questions that encourages an even deeper understanding. I’ve paid for mentorships that SUCKED. I’ve paid a lot of money for workshops that SUCKED. I wanted to create a platform that isn’t only affordable but won’t bamboozle you. You deserve the best education, let me give that to you. Unleash that fearless photog badass.

I want you to learn. I want you to succeed. I want you to grow.



Get Cha Learrrrn On

In order to book your class appointment, click “Invest In Yourself” and this will take you to a contact form. My classes are form fitting to each individual and require an appointment date and time. Classes offered online are classes that are still interactive, meaning, we Facetime or Skype together making the class specific to your needs. All online classes can be offered in person. In Person classes cannot be offered online. Once you have sent the contact form, an invoice will be sent to your email. A small retainer fee of $50 is due to schedule your class appointment and the rest can be made in payments. Easy Peasy.

*Ask about group rates. Group Rates are great for 2-5 people wanting to learn together.


Ask me anything



60 Minutes, one on one with ya girl. Bring any and all questions, small or big. Get them answered without any bullshit. This is about you.




Really hating Instagram? So is everyone else! Despite the algorithm, it's the platform that brings me the most bookings. Likes and Follows don’t pay your bills, bookings do. Let’s chat about how to amp up that Instagram to get you more bookings!


photography 101

Online/In Person


Have a camera but still not sure how to master it? Those modes are super overwhelming when you aren’t sure what you’re looking at, believe me, been there. I will take you through the different settings and explain this dynamic piece of technology to you.





“I keep getting asshole clients. How do I get the cool people that respect me?” This is a GOOD ONE. It’s all about branding and mending those gaps in communication. I will take you through how to create a brand position and execute it for your own business. Start getting clients that respect you.


My website sucks



Same. Hahaha! The internet is constantly changing, so should your website. Your website should be a guide to your services, right? Websites are hard, but they don’t have to be. Let’s check it out.


Film Photography

In Person


Ever wanted to dabble in film? IT’S SO FUN! This is what I specialized in while studying in undergrad. It’s a little overwhelming, but once you get it, you’re totally hooked. *I will provide a camera if you do not own one.*

falco-42_websize (1).jpg

How to get published



I’ve been published in Zion Brides, Arizona Wedding Mag, and more. How did I do it? Let me share the publishing process with you in order to get those publishers attention.

mit-151_websize (1).jpg

Off Camera Flash



Scared of those indoor settings? Unleash that photog badass that’s hiding with the natural light. I will provide you will the proper light training to tackle alllllll the locations. Don’t deprive yourself of great images because you’re a “natural light” photographer.


How to pay the man



Yep, taxes. They friggin’ suck and they’re a total pain. The not-so-fun part of running your business - but you HAVE to pay taxes. I will take you through the organization process as well as give you resources to do it on your own. Let’s get organiiiiized


Posing 101



Do you freeze up while on the job? Let me give you some quick tips and tricks to make sure you never freeze up again. In this class, we will work with a couple to not only practice posing methods, but also expand your portfolio.


Wedding Shadow



Come along with me on a wedding day! Get the shots you want for your portfolio and have me to answer any questions that might come up. These classes are dependent on wedding dates and availability.

steen-30_websize (1).jpg

Preparing Your couples



Not sure how to prepare your couples for the shoot or their wedding? I will take you through my personal process on how I prepare them as well as the forms I use.


Still Not Sure?

I get it! I spent a lot of years thinking that I could do this on my own. I don’t need anyone else’s help, fuck that. News flash sis, you do. These classes are not places where I will make you feel bad for what you don’t know. I started at the BOTTOM. I know what it’s like to be scared to ask a question because you’re fearful of some asshole that forgot where they came from is going to flip out on you. I’m not that asshole.

Let my past students speak for me.


Lexie tomaski

Tomaski Photography

My mentor session with Kenzie was way more than I expected it would be. I am extremely new to the photography world and had very little experience with my DLSR camera. It was helpful for her to set up a shoot for us so I could see the entire process. Doing a "hands-on" mentorship where I got to be in a real world situation was exactly what was going to help me the most. During our session I got to see how to interact with clients from beginning to end. During the shoot, I got assistance with my camera and what settings to use. Having only basic working knowledge, it was helpful to learn what settings to use in certain situations. Something else I wanted help on was how to pose a couple. She then helped with editing my photos.

What really helped me the most throughout the mentor session is that she had me establish what I wanted the most help with and we focused on that (as well as other questions that came up). A mentor session with her is more than just learning tips and tricks. She genuinely wants to help you and make you the best you can be. Being a beginner, I know I asked some pretty silly questions and she took the time to explain them to me no matter what. After my session, I now feel confident in booking, shooting, and editing! I do want to emphasize that her mentorships aren't just for beginnings. I am extremely interested in doing another mentorship with her once I am even more familiar with photography. I cant thank her enough for all of her help.


Jacklyn byrd

Jacklyn Byrd Photography

Cultivate was an amazing experience for me! Mckenzie did an amazing job at the workshop. She was extremely organized, gave great tips on how to improve our Instagram presence, and overall was super encouraging to every single photographer. Mckenzie tells you how it is and is real with you. Within just a week of going to the Cultivate workshop, I have noticed more client interactions with my Instagram posts. I beyond excited to use my new knowledge/ways of using a flash during my next wedding. Mckenzie is just a dream to work with and I would recommend anyone looking to gain more confidence in your work!


Victoria Saint Martin

Victoria Saint Martin Photography

MCKENZIE KICKS ASS!!! Cultivate was truly the essence of community over competition. McKenzie led the workshop with confidence and professionalism while still being her goofy self! She answered every question that came her way, helped each attendee understand new concepts, and created a fun high energy environment!! There were photographers of all different skill levels and backgrounds and she was able to give everyone something new and exciting to take home and try to up their photo game! You seriously cant go wrong investing with McKenzie, she is as invested in your learning as you as (if not more!!)


Lauren Maggi

Photography by Lauren Maggi

McKenzie’s Cultivate Workshop was AMAZING! It pushed me outside my comfort zone to try new techniques and become more confident when posing clients. The Instagram portion of the workshop was perfect, because so many social media classes aren’t geared towards photographers. McKenzie’s workshop was actually valuable information and not filled with a bunch of random facts or techniques that wouldn’t pertain to us. And of course it was so much freaking fun and I got to meet and be inspired by other fun and creative photographers! If you are thinking about taking a workshop with Kenz…DO IT!


Tawny ballard

Tawny Ballard Photography

Since Cultivate, I have had so much more confidence in myself and my abilities, especially with off camera lighting! I feel like I've been able to hone in on my style and create unique images for my clients. Before, I was nervous about shooting indoors or felt like I was doomed to grainy photos. Now, I have the knowledge to handle any lighting situation. I also have some BOMB ASS images to use for my portfolio!


Okay, seriously, stop fuckin’ around.