You’re moving to colorado next year, but I still want to book you for my wedding. Am i going to have to sell a kidney to afford you?

Please keep your organs - I am still booking weddings in Illinois after the big move. The only costs that aren’t included in wedding coverage is travel. Lucky for you, I am the travel deal quuuueeeeennnn - no need to bow down. I got chu booboo.

Will you help me with my timeline, I have never done this before!!

What! You have never been married!!!!!??? Just kidding, but yes of course. I will help you with ANYTHING - that’s the perk of hiring me. I’m invested in you and making your vision come true. If we need to meet up a couple times over some ice cream to talk all things wedding, consider it done.


What is the booking process?

So here's how this works - in order to officially save the date, $400 is due immediately. This deposit is taken right out of your final cost, it's not additional. A lot of photographers ask for half down upfront, and I get it. But I don't believe in that. Weddings are already expensive enough, I want my couples to be able to commit without going broke because of me. Which leads me to my next point, after making the deposit you are welcome to make payments on the remaining balance however you see fit! I won't be texting you every month for a payment, it's completely up to you two! I just ask that your invoice be paid two weeks before the wedding day. 

Do you take shot lists?

Hellllll nawwww, you’re hiring me for my artistic eye. Shot lists totally throw off my groove. Although, I welcome family photo shot lists with open arms. Upon booking, I will provide you with organizational forms to list those family groupings you want! Don’t worry, I got chu.


How does travel work?

Travel is a big question!! If your wedding is in Illinois, your wedding package covers milage. If the wedding is an hour or more from Decatur, IL, I will need a hotel room the night of the wedding because my feet and mind are going to be deeeaaadd at the end of your bomb ass wedding. I don’t want to worry about driving. If your wedding is out of state, I do require flight, lodging, and a rental car. I am happy to book these and invoice them back to you. I am also happy to work with you if you have some sort of magical hook up with any of these.

I will go anywhere for engagement sessions! Anywhere more than 20 miles from Decatur, IL is $.54/mile and depending on the location, lodging may be required.

Do your packages include engagement photos?

YASSSS. All of my wedding packages come with complimentary engagement photos as well! I also don't believe that engagement photos should cost extra. This is a time for you two to get to know me with the camera involved. This sets us up for a stress free, no surprise wedding day. I make each engagement session totally unique to the couple. Have a favorite coffee shop? Find yourself at Target more than usual? Are ice cream dates part of a religious ritual for you two? WE CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN! (Ice cream dates get bonus points because Ice Cream is my family.)