meet your photog soulmate

So get this, your day is finally here. You’ve put your heart and soul into the final details like those sweet notes you’ll exchange. This day came so fast and now all you can think about is being present in the moment. That’s where ya girl comes in - that’s me. I am there to photograph what you’re experiencing along with moments that may have been overlooked. I’m there to make sure you are present in one of the favorite days of your life instead of worrying about how you will remember everything. At the end of the day, you get to hangout with the love of your life everyday, forever. Let me take care of the rest. 

hi, it’s me, ya girl. Lover of all things travel, Dirty Dancing, education, Chicago, ice cream, and photography (obvi). I consider myself a little bit of a foodie and love exploring creativity in food being a vegetarian. If I’m missing, you could probably find me in the ice cream aisle trying to decide between Phish Food or Half Baked - because how could one choose? Ben&Jerry needs to get their shit together and just combine the two.

I have the sweetest, most caring, hardworking, and considerate boyfriend in the whole world. Alex is my partner in crime (and business). During the week he's a Chemical Engineer, on the weekends he's my certified assistant - meaning, he's pretty good at holding bouquets, second shooting (yes he’s also a pretty great photographer himself!), setting up shots, and keeping track of my equipment. Him and I together, total dynamic duo. We love exploring the world together, rice candy, going to REI, long hikes, and HGTV. He's pretty cool.

So what you waiting for?  

I can’t wait to know you.


Feelin' the vibes?