Your guests love raving about your AMAZING wedding on social media. Give them professional grade photographs to do so. The Instabooth is a digital, light weight, portable photo-booth that is great for entertaining guests at any event.

Photo Booth

do it for the gram.

- Delivers Photos via Text, Email, or AirDrop

- Customizable LED lighting to match any event

- 36lbs making it easy to move

- 2 Minute Assembly

- No awkward attendant watching all your guests take their photos

- Offers Boomerang, Photos, and Videos

- Easy to use Filters

- Non-exclusive, meaning, anyone can rent! Not just McKenzie Bigliazzi Clients!

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Great question!! Yes! InstaBooth can be shipped anywhere domestically. It will be shipped a day before your event then you are responsible for shipping it back within two days after the event. Since most events are on Saturday, we offer a two day grace period to get shipped by Monday at the latest. It’s about $54 to ship VIA Fedex.

Can I set this up at my outdoor event?

Yes! We just ask that there be a back up location or protection for the InstaBooth in case of weather.

Do I need to hire someone to operate it?

Nooooooo - no need to get an awkward attendant to creepily watch people take their photos. This is totally self operating and does not require an attendant

Does this print the images?

Nope! This is completely digital which is AMAZING. More times than not, printed photographs from photo booths are left to a landfill. Let’s try to do our part to save the Earth. You know they’re doing it for the Gram anyway. If you are realllllllly wanting to print the images, you will have to provide the printer and paper materials.

I didn’t book you as my photographer, can i still rent the instabooth?

Awkward…… HAHA! Just kidding. Of course you can - no hard feelings. Your photographer will thank you for getting a photo booth - the more time they can have focusing on the important stuff of your wedding day and not taking a bajillion photos of your guests. I promise!


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